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Researcher hails 'major milestone' for microwave sterilization technology

A game-changing microwave sterilisation technique that extends food shelf life while preserving its quality is one step nearer commercialisation after gaining a second approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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New packaging guidelines aim for 100 per cent PET recyclability

Leading industry trade associations are encouraging their members to follow a new set of guidelines to ensure that PET bottles are compatible with recycling facilities.

GFSI launches packaging safety think tank

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has launched a packaging safety think-tank as part of a strategy to manage the risks from food contact materials.

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Food acquisitions help SPX deliver Q4 sales increase

The acquisition of food processing technology firms Anhydro and Gerstenberg Schroder in 2010 helped SPX Corp to report a small increase in fourth quarter revenues.

Plastic price hikes to be passed down packaging supply chain

UK plastic processors have warned that soaring raw material costs will lead to significant price increases for the their products, while a leading packaging body said higher costs will inevitably be passed down the supply chain.

Linpac launches protective packaging for bakery products

Linpac has launched a new transport tray for bakery goods which reduces the risk of damage and storage problems during transit, claims the company.

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Today's headlines across the Food industry

Multi-million boost for Scottish functional foods from

A new government funded project will see £4.4m (€5.26m) invested in the Scottish food and drink industry, in an attempt to bolster the market for products including fortified and functional foods and raise historically low investment levels.

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Dean Foods sees signs of dairy retail stability from

Dean Foods said it is beginning to see signs of stability after a tough 2010 saw the US dairy giant suffer from tough private label competition and retailer promotions.

Hot chocolate: No heat resistant solution, says review from

Although many previous attempts have shown that heat resistant chocolate is possible, more research is needed to produce a simple, inexpensive, and tasty chocolate that is resistant to melting, according to a new review.

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The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) claims that some caramel colorings may cause cancer, and has called on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban them in foods and beverages.


Coca-Cola says biodegradable packaging 'not a viable option'

Coca-Cola says biodegradable packaging 'not a viable option'

Coca-Cola said earlier this month that biodegradable packaging is “simply not a viable option” but a new...